Hazel + Emmaline // 6th Birthday

Our twin girls are 6 years old today // 11.24.14 forever changed our lives for the better!!! SIX seems like SUCH a large number for little gals! The days truly are long yet the years are SHORT!

We celebrated Emmaline & Hazel Rose’s birthday over several days this past week. Friends came over for a bonfire, cake & fun one evening. We went to their favorite Hibachi Grill for lunch. Ventured to Build-A-Bear with Grandparents for them to create their own stuffed animals to love on this next year. Met more family & friends at opening weekend of Christmas-At-The-Zoo as a fun activity. On their actual birthday morning, we filled their bedroom with balloons & made pancakes filled with sprinkles. Opened surprise presents. Then we spent the day at the Children’s Museum. Ended the birthday with fancy cupcakes & snuggled while watching a movie in front of the fireplace. Emmaline & Hazel felt all the extra love!

Sweet birthday photos on a dreary November afternoon …
We filled their room with balloons as a surprise when they woke up!
Birthday cupcakes after dinner!

Someday my twin babies will read this, so here is a little note to them both:

Emmaline Ruby & Hazel Rose, you will forever be life’s greatest surprise! I’ll never forget being almost 18 weeks along in my pregnancy & my midwife declaring that I was possibly carrying TWO babies rather than ONE. The biggest shock yet a forever favorite memory in our lives! Fraternal TWINS & my girls couldn’t be any more different. It’s as if you were two totally separate babies that simply happened to be born at the same time. We’ve had to learn to treat you as different gals rather than constantly assuming you are the same. Year 5 showed us even more how opposite your personalities are & ways to cherish the differences.

Hazel, you have a ZEST for life that is unmatched. Light simply pours out of you wherever you go. You have a heart for animals & helping those in need. Your smile, big ideas & laughter give constant cheer to even strangers. Hazie, you’re independent, already driven with your own imaginative dreams & incredibly artistic. You see the beauty in the world in the most simplistic ways. Hazel girl, you’ve been your OWN unique person since the day you were born. Knowing how to stand up for yourself & fight for what you feel is yours, however having a very tender heart that feels MANY emotions daily. Truly, since the afternoon you arrived & you gave the entire delivery room as SCARE when you weren’t breathing…yet you fought for your life on this earth, we knew you would be destined for greatness! Your list of “What I want to be when I grow up” is long & fun. Because Hazel Rose, you are a gal with big FUN dreams & we ADORE that about you! Can’t WAIT to see where life takes you!

Emmaline, our lovable girl. I remember so clearly when you arrived 1st. The nurses wrapped you in a blanket & your little blue eyes stared at us. Not making a peep, you simply wanted to be cuddled. Your gentle, pleasant & precious personality has been consistent. You enjoy a slow paced day. Perfectly content to play with toys, learn or sit on our laps. Hugging you is always one of the BEST parts of my day! Emmaline, you are SMART, extremely teachable, a fast learner, compassionate, a friend to other kids you meet, have a heart for the elderly & you enjoy playing “House & babydolls”. You’ve shared you want to be married & be a mommy in the future. Sweet Emmaline, we know you will enrich the lives of anyone who has the blessing to enter your path. I already know we will have a close relationship to the end of time!

The years have been a wild adventure as we navigated 3 little ones so close in age. We’ve had days filled with tears but oh so MUCH laughter & smiles that outweighed any unhappy memories. I know I wasn’t always the perfect mama however I want you to know that I ALWAYS tried my best no matter what. When we look back on the weeks as a family, knowing that we were blessed to spend them together is ALL we could have ever hoped to have.

My dreams for you both are that you will have a strong personal relationship with Christ as you age, genuine friendships that will guide you down the right paths, that you’ll learn so see the value of a simplistic lifestyle, bestow compassion to those in need around you, create your own adventures & that you will know the incredible feeling of having your own family to care for in the future.

Emmaline & Hazel, being your mother is a wish come true & a blessing I never want to take for granted. Cherishing every moment as we watch you grow into your own people. Cheers to SIX!!!!!

Here’s a little trip down memory lane through my most favorite random images during our twins baby/toddler years. We have THOUSANDS of photos & videos of our kids childhood on our phones & hard-drives. It is almost impossible to sort/choose favorites. These photos are ones that stick out in my mind as happy memories & ones that document our lives perfectly. Enjoy!

11.24.14 // We welcomed both girls only 8 minutes apart. I had to deliver in the operating room just in case I would need a C-Section. Thankfully I was able to deliver both babies naturally! Hazel Rose was 6.7lbs & Emmaline Ruby was 5.8lbs at 35 weeks!
Rhett has been the SWEETEST big brother since day one!!!
He was only 2.5 yrs old when I had the girls…
Anything cuter than chubby babies getting a sink bath?!?

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