Rhett // 7th Birthday

SEVEN! That number doesn’t seem real, because I feel as though only a few yrs have passed since we brought him hospital. Rhett Easton is a mixture of everything GOOD from Brock & me, plus a whole lot more! He truly is all that I ever wished for in a son! Compassionate, smart, believes in Jesus, witty, a hard worker, he knows what he likes & has seemed to stay true to himself through his 1st yr of school, honest, silly, trustworthy, handsome, cuddly with his mama, loves to be outdoors, appreciates nature/hunting/fishing with daddy & most importantly is KIND!

Rhett had a pretty incredible birthday this year! He got to fly on an airplane for the 1st time today on our way to a mini vacation on the to Georgia & the Carolinas. He also rode on the Atlanta Ferris Wheel, a carriage ride around the city, swim in a hotel & tomorrow we venture to the Georgia Aquarium & gets to have many more vacation on a visit with friends! I’d say he is kicking off his 7th year of life making some amazing memories! We aren’t big on gifts/parties in our family…would always choose memorable experiences for our kiddos ❤️ Cheers to another trip around the son with this most special boy!

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